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With the vision to create Ocean literate citizenry, the Bay of Bengal Ocean Literacy Network is committed to working with all stakeholders in all littoral countries of the Bay of Bengal; Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The network is currently facilitating knowledge collaboration and capacity-building activities.

Join the network

The network is open to all organizations that are committed to promoting Ocean Literacy and Bay of Bengal Literacy. We particularly encourage educational and research institutions, NGOs, mass-media organizations, businesses, development partners, and all organizations that provide any type of learning environment to join the network! Write to our email address info at sagarseba dot com expression your interest.


Sagar Seba’s Marine Extension Service hosts the network and provides the network with secretarial and technical support.


International Collaboration

We have knowledge-collaboration arrangements with the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) of the U.S.; one of the pioneering organizations promoting Ocean Literacy. NMEA has particularly committed to supporting ‘the development of Concepts, Principles and a Framework for Bay of Bengal Ocean Literacy’.


Program Leads

  • Md Kutub Uddin (Program Lead of Informal Education)
  • Dr. Kazi Ahsan Habib (Program Lead of Formal Education)


Last updated on 25th October 2019

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